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Discover Nodalview while waiting for the kit
Discover Nodalview while waiting for the kit

Waiting for the hardware to be delivered? Be faster than the others - here's what you can do to be prepared for when it comes.

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Dive into the Nodalview universe. Get started now before the delivery of the kit. Haven't ordered a kit yet? You can do that easily via our shop!

1. Understand the Nodalview basics

  • what is a "property"?

A property is a folder that contains all type of media content related to - guess what - a specific property. A property can contain HDR photos, 360° panoramas, videos and floor plans.

  • what is a "360° panorama"?

A 360° panorama is an immersive photo that you can use to build a virtual tour of your property. Usually, 1 panorama = 1 room of your property (e.g. a bedroom or a living room or a bathroom).

  • what is a "virtual tour"?

A virtual tour is an assembling of several panoramas ( = several rooms of the same property linked together) through directional arrows that we call "hotspots".

Read them. Say them out loud. Screenshot them. Anything you need to do to learn them by heart and make them become second nature when using Nodalview!

Never heard of "automatic bracketing" before? Time to see our algorithm in action! ✨

We promise, it won't take long. Follow our instructions and build your first virtual tour in +- 5 minutes!

Fill in all the details on this page of your web platform! This will allow you to be contacted more easily by your potential customers.

It's the Organisation tab on your web platform. Start getting familiar with your admin role: manage all the properties, users, devices and payments within your organisation. Add your logo and your working hours.

7. Broaden your knowledge 📚

Read our blog, download our ebooks. Sharpen your digital knowledge, put it into practise and succeed. Faster.

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