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Assemble your freshly captured 360° panoramas into virtual tours. Amaze both owners and home seekers.

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After shooting panoramas of your properties, it only takes a few clicks to build a virtual tour. Let's see how!

1. Set the first scene

The first scene is the panorama with which your virtual tour will start. Try and choose the most logical room, like if it was a real-life visit: the entrance, the hall, or the garden. Depends on where you have started the capture. Here's how to set it!

2. Add a two-way hotspot

A "hotspot" is a directional arrow that will allow you to link different panoramas (1 panorama = 1 room, remember?) to each other in ordre to assemble the virtual tour.

When adding a "two-way hotspot", say from panorama/room A to panorama/room B, you will obtain both one arrow that will bring the visitor from A to B and another arrow that will bring the visitor from B back to A. 🤓 The entry view of both panoramas/rooms will be set by default!

Sound complex, but it's actually a piece of cake! 🍰 This is the default, easiest and quickest option. Watch the video to understand how it works!

3. Add a one-way hotspot

You might want to use a one-way hotspot sometimes, for example if you want the visitor to follow a very specific path in the visit or if you want to set a specific entry view of your panorama/room.

Don't forget that if you set a one-way hotspot from A to B, the hotspot from B to A will not be created. You can of course add another one-way hotspot from B to A if you wish.

Here's how it works!

Give it a try! 😉

💡 We recommend using Google Chrome as a browser. The web platform will work more smoothly!

Time to start increasing the number of requests! 🚀

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