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Assemble your freshly captured 360° panoramas into virtual tours. Amaze both owners and home seekers.

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After having shooted panoramas of your properties, it only takes some clicks to create a virtual tour. Let's see how!

1. Find your panoramas

Log into your web platform, click on the property containing the panoramas you just captured!

2. Set the first scene

The first scene is the starting point of your virtual tour. A yellow message will remind you if it hasn't been chosen yet.

Choose the most logical starting room, as if it were a real tour: the entryway, hall, or garden. This also depends on where you started capturing.

To select your first scene, simply click on the small star next to the chosen panorama.

3. Add a Two-Way Hotspot

A "hotspot" is a directional arrow linking different panoramas (1 panorama = 1 room, remember?).

Adding a "two-way hotspot," say from panorama "A" to panorama "B," provides a two-way arrow: one from A to B and another from B to A. 🤓 This sets the default entry view for both panoramas!

It may sound complicated, but it's a breeze! 🤸‍♀️ It's the default option, it will be automatically selected.

Here's how to set a two-way hotspot

  • Click on the 'target' icon to enter the panorama editing interface.

  • Click on 'Add hotspot.' The two-way hotspot will be selected by default.

  • Place your hotspot towards the room you want to link (in this case: the kitchen).

  • Select the panorama of the room to be linked (kitchen).

  • The kitchen panorama will automatically open. Point the appearing arrow towards the room you came from (in this case: the entrance).

  • Click 'Save hotspot.'

4. Add a one-way hotspot

You can sometimes use a one-way hotspot if you want to set a specific entry view in a panorama.

Remember that if you set a one-way hotspot from A to B, the hotspot from B to A won't be created automatically. You can add another one-way hotspot from B to A if you like.

In this case: I wish to set a specific entry view for the panorama of the terrace. So, I'm adding a one-way hotspot in my panorama 'Master bedroom,' to link it to the panorama 'Master's terrace.'

To do this:

  • Click 'Add hotspot.'

  • Select the panorama to link.

  • Click 'ONE-WAY HOTSPOT.'

  • Position the 'eye' towards the entry view you want for this panorama.

  • Click 'Save hotspot.'

💡 We recommend using Google Chrome for a smoother platform experience.

5. Add Property Details

Adding a descriptive sheet for your properties not only professionalizes your presentation but also helps potential buyers better understand the property features.

To do this, navigate to the 'Content' section within your property and access the 'Details' tab to edit.


Here, you can select the property type:

  • Appartement

  • House

  • Land

and its status:

  • for sale

  • for rent

  • sold

You can also fill in the living area (in m2 or in sqft), as well as the price (€ or USD).


  • Provide the property's address

  • decide whether to display its exact location or area.

Business card

Choose if you want to display your business card during the virtual tour of your property.


You can add a description in English and optionally include translations in various languages.


Specify the number of bedrooms, toilets, and bathrooms, as well as the presence of gardens or terraces and/or parking spaces.

Energy class

Specify the property's energy class.

Time to start increasing the amount of inquiries! 🚀

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