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Share your virtual tour with smart links
Share your virtual tour with smart links

Be strategic. Use our Smart Links. Increase, qualify and leverage your incoming requests.

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You have built your virtual tours. Now, it's time to add them to your listings, your website, your social networks!

Initiating the sharing of a virtual tour is very easy: from your web platform, go on the property of which you wish to share the virtual tour. Make sure you're in the Panoramas section under the Content tab.

Click on the share button:

You have 3 different sharing options

⚠️ If you can only select the public link, it means you have an old subscription.

Upgrade to one of these to have access to our Smart links!

1. Public link

The public link is - guess what - public. That means that anybody clicking on the link will be able to access the entire tour with no restrictions. No personal data is required for visitors to access that virtual tour. No information about the visitor will be collected.

2. Private link

This type of link requires the visitors to authenticate themselves with a token sent via SMS. You will get their name and number instantaneously in your e-mails! It is an efficient way of collecting real contacts for building a valuable database for your CRM.
The form looks like this:

3. Unbranded

The virtual tour of your property will be visible without any logos or contact information, compatible with MLS systems (USA/Canada).

You will receive the requests in real time via e-mail.

💡 Don't forget to set your availability for visits - or ask your admin to do so - via your organisation general settings.

⚠️ Some real estate portals do not allow sharing private or gated links,
please make sure to check their terms and conditions first ⚠️

Embed a virtual tour in your website using the Smart Links

You can use any Smart Link without constraints on your own website!

Here's the iframe code you have to use to embed a virtual tour on a webpage:

<iframe src=“yoursharinglink?iframe=true” width=“100%” height=“100%” allowfullscreen=“true” mozallowfullscreen=“true” webkitallowfullscreen=“true”></iframe>

👉 You just have to replace yoursharinglink with the sharing link of your choice (public, private, or gated) that you will have generated with only a couple of clicks.

Wonder how a specific virtual tour is performing after you have shared it?

A contact requested a remote visit ("video chat") of one of your properties?

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