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Assess the real interest of your potential customers. Find the perfect buyer for each of your properties. Sell faster and at a higher price.

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Discover our brand new Live Sessions! 🔥

Exciting news! 🥳 It is now possible to perform a live session of any properties, regardless of the type of asset that they contain - meaning you can now showcase all your properties during a virtual appointment, even if you haven't created a virtual tour.

Why did we do that? Well, by now you know - our goal is to give Real Estate professionals, sellers, and buyers the best possible experience.

We believe Live Sessions are a game-changer for your sales process because they allow you to showcase your properties virtually to potential buyers, no matter where they are, allowing to save a lot of time and money in useless journeys and visits.

Starting from now, no need no have captured 360° panoramas of your properties to host a live session - you can do so with any of properties, whether they contain photos, panoramas, or both!

You've shared your listings online and someone requested an appointment to view one of your properties. Be clever: propose them to attend a Live Session before the actual visit!

Start a Live Session

You can access the Live Session tool by clicking on the dedicated button in the left sidebar.

Schedule a live session for a future time

You can now schedule a live session. Click on Schedule a session.

Fill in the requested information:

  • Public name: the name of the session that will be displayed to your clients

  • Internal name: the name of the session that will be displayed to you

  • Property: select the property with which you want to start the session

  • Date / Time / Timezone

Click Next and then enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite, separated by commas. Click Send invite to confirm and then click the Close button.

Both you and your guests will receive an email with all the information to join the session at the scheduled date/time. You just have to click Join session!

Launch an instant live session of a property

First, find the property you'd live to initiate a live session with. Then, click on the globe button on top of it and on Launch a new live session. The live session interface will open in a new tab.

Your browser might ask you to allow the Nodalview website to access the mic, the camera and the sound, all essential to hold a live session.

Then, you can activate the camera and the mic, and click on Join session.

Invite participants to join a live session

You can either invite participants by:

a. entering their e-mail address and then clicking on Send invite.
Once it's done, you can click on Start session

b. Copy-pasting the live session link and sharing it with them. You can also directly generate and copy-paste a link to the live session and send it to your prospect by clicking on the globe icon on top right of your property, and then on Get a link.

⚠️ Every time you click on 'Get a link', a different link will be generated. Make sure you are clicking on the very same link you have sent to your customer to enter the live session at the scheduled time! Do not click again on 'Get a link'!

If your prospects click on the link or the invitation before you actually start the session, they will be in the waiting room. They will see this message:

Everything you can do during the live session

Navigate through all your properties

and show them all by easily switching from one to another.

💡 Pro tip: this is how you can save time and match the right buyer to the right property more easily.

Switch from one asset type to another

via the dedicated tabs on top.

You can also show Matterport tours if you have some!

While showing a virtual tour

show your business card, easily switch between different panoramas (rooms) and show where they're located thanks to the floor plan hotspots.

👉 how to create a floor plan
👉 link panoramas to a floor plan

Conferencing settings

  • Activate/deactivate camera/mic and raise the hand

  • Change the background

  • Write in the chat

As the host of the call, you can

  • Give or remove the controls

    for the participants and allow them (or not) to navigate through the property. To do so, go to the participants area and click on the arrow next to the participant name to whom you want to give the controls. You will know you gave the controls to someone because the navigation buttons will disappear from your screen.

  • Invite other people to join the session

    once it has already started.

  • Take some notes

    that will be sent to you alongside the recap you'll get via email when the session is over. The notes you take will only be visible by you and the admin of your organisation, but not by the participants.

Things to know for a successful live session

  • Make sure everyone joining the call allows the Nodalview website to access the mic and the camera. If these settings are not activated on the participants' browser, you won't be able to see them nor hear them. 😅

  • If there are several participants, we suggest to mute their mic in order to avoid any annoying background noise. Whenever you're done with presenting your property, you ask them to reactivate their mic and let them ask questions. Don't forget to politely let them know when their mic is deactivated. 😉

  • We suggest to give controls to the participants only at the end, so that you can lead and carry out your live session as you wish before letting them look around freely.

You will receive via e-mail a summary of the session that has just taken place.

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