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Use your freshly captured images to create videos of your properties
Use your freshly captured images to create videos of your properties

Wonder how to leverage even more those HDRs and 360°s? Create videos of your properties and increase the visibility of your listings!

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Did you know that listings that include a video get even more views? That's why we've made it possible to create videos of your properties without effort, using the images that you already have.

  1. Create a video project within a property

    On your web platform, enter your property by clicking on the Video tab. Make sure it contains all the visuals (HDR photos, 360°) that you want to use to create your video. Click on Create a project, then name it.

  2. The video editor's main view

    The editor is composed of 3 main areas, plus the settings:

    1. The media

      These are all the beautiful assets contained in your property folder and that you can use to create your video.

    2. The editing window

      This is where you can edit every single asset. Which means adding animations, text, etc.

    3. The video timeline

      This is where you choose the order of appearance of each asset in your video.

    4. The settings

      1. Logo and video branding

        We highly suggest adding your logo to your video and select the option to have it displayed in a corner throughout the whole video. Why? It helps increasing your brand awareness!

      2. Intro/Outro

        1. Intro

          Add the property's basic info in the introduction, such as a short yet catchy description and its approximative location.

        2. Outro

          Give clear instructions on how you can be contacted if anyone shows interest. Add your contact info (e-mail address, phone number, website).

      3. Music

        You can select any song from the drop down menu in the video settings. Being free of rights, you can safely use them. You can also import an external song (MP3 format), but you may encounter copyright issues, according to the platforms on which you decide to share your videos.

  3. Importing external mp4 videos into your project

    You have a nice video on your phone, or maybe made with a drone or any other camera that you would like to integrate in your video project? You can easily import it into your property media and use it! Just click on the Video tab in the media window and select the video that you want to import between the files on your PC.

  4. From the editing to the download of a video project

    1. Drag and drop the images that you want to use from the media window to the timeline.

      If you add one by mistake, you can take it off by clicking on the little cross top right.

    2. For each image in the timeline, choose the animation and/or to add text.

      Click on the single image on the timeline to select it, and then on the dedicated buttons in the editing window.

    3. When you are done, click on GENERATE.

      The final project will be created. Have a look at the low-resolution preview.

      Satisfied with the result?

    4. Download the high resolution version in MP4 on your PC.

      Tips for a successful video

    1. Keep it short! No more than 90 seconds in total - most people don't have an attention spam longer than that anyways.

    2. Panorama rotation
      We think it is not the best option to show the whole panorama at once in the video, since the complete rotation will be quite long and will make your video less dynamic. We suggest to use the same panorama twice instead, like this:

    3. 5 ways to make effective real estate videos
      Read our article and learn how to shoot like a pro!

💡 Videos are becoming a more and more essential tool.
Stay tuned - we are about to drop a big announcement on this topic! 😏🔥

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