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Add your logo and your brand colors
Add your logo and your brand colors

Create and maintain a strong and consistent brand identity by customizing the assets your create with Nodalview!

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As an admin, you can upload a logo for your organisation as well as select up to 3 brand colors.

Add your logo

Why should you add a logo?

Adding your company's logo will allow you to create a strong brand identity. Not only it makes you easily recognisable from your competitors, but it also enhances perceived professionalism and credibility.

Click on Organisation. Under the "General info" tab, you will be able to upload a logo.

Click on Update and then choose the logo in your files. For a better result, we suggest using a .png file with transparent background.

Add your brand colors

Why should your add brand colors?

Colors are a powerful tool for brands. they reflect identity and influence consumers' behaviours. Colors are able to evoke emotions like warmth, security, excitement, curiosity, comfort... And emotions drive purchase decisions! Using the same colors consistently strengthens awareness and helps you become the top-of-mind professional in your area.

There are 3 types of colors that you can choose by clicking on the pencil on the side:

1. Main colour

Usually the primary color or brand color, it represents the core visual identity of a product, service or brand. The main color is prominently featured in the logo, brand assets, and overall visual identity, ensuring brand recognition and recall.

2. Text Color

It is the color applied to the textual content displayed on a visual asset. It plays a critical role in readability, making content easily accessible and understandable.

3. Background Colour

It is the color applied to the background of a visual asset. It contributes to the overall visual ambiance and balance. Background colour is usually used behind the text. White, grey, or beige are popular choices.

Extract and select your brand colours

Nodalview will automatically extract these 3 colors based on the color palette of the logo that you have uploaded and will make them available for your to select them.

Select any colours

If needed, you can select any colour manually with the color picker and/or by entering a HEX code. Click on save to apply!


Why a watermark

Boost Your Brand Recognition

Leverage digital watermarks to anchor your brand. A consistent logo or signature not only elevates your content but engrains it in the minds of your audience.

Elevate Your Listings

Watermarked photos aren't just branded; they exude professionalism. When buyers see your mark, they don't just see an image—they see trust. And trust might just lead them to explore more of what you offer.

Secure Your Assets

Watermarking isn’t just branding—it's defense. Shield your professional photos from competitors, ensuring your unique work stays that way.

💡 Watermark vs. Logo: what's the difference?

Watermarks and logos might seem interchangeable, but they have subtle distinctions.

Dive into what sets them apart:

Visibility: watermarks are translucent, while logos stand bold.

Placement: watermarks sprawl, logos pinpoint—usually anchoring a page's corner.

As an admin, you can upload the file you want to use as a watermark and click on Save. Then, click on Settings in order to define:

  • The size

  • The position

  • The opacity

👉 These settings will apply to all the photos you will download.

The box Enable users to add their own watermark is ticked by default. It will allow the users in your organisation to use their own watermark when downloading their photos from the photo tab of a property folder. If you untick it, they will only be able to choose the watermark that you - as an admin - have uploaded.

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