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The Nodalview interface gets a makeover!
The Nodalview interface gets a makeover!

Achieve maximum visibility for your properties, more efficiently than ever.

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Why this update?

At Nodalview, our ambition is to guide you through best practices to boost your business, starting with excellent visuals. Our new interface aims to provide you with a more efficient way to achieve maximum visibility for your properties.

Do more. Win more. Sell more.

Our feature-rich platform now allows you to leverage even more tools to improve your listings. We put all features within reach, expanding your capabilities with minimal effort.

A New Space for All Your Actions

The new interface centralises everything around your properties, offering a much more intuitive view to manage all your visuals.

Introduction of Grid and List view modes

Discover an optimized way to view your properties. Switch from grid view to list view for a more comprehensive and organized overview.

Archive your properties more efficiently

Now you can select multiple properties and archive them all at once from the main page, without having to be the admin.

Archive a property from the 'grid' view

Archive a property from the 'list' view

“Overview” tab within a property

When you click on a property, you now arrive at its overview. This view integrates all the information about the property:

Different Types of Visuals

Photos, panoramas, videos, and 2D plans you have created for this property.

Attractiveness Score

An actionable indicator designed to make your listings irresistible and attract more potential buyers or tenants.

The scores range from F to A+. Identify properties that could benefit from diversifying the types of visuals. Boost their score and ensure they achieve maximum visibility in the market, whether it's on portals, on your website, or on your social media channels.

Property Details

Present your properties more professionally by adding a descriptive sheet that will be displayed when sharing.

Latest Property Activity

It traces the recent activity of your property, you will find all the information related to performance following online sharing.

We are convinced that these new features will help you maximize your performance.

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