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Explore the brand new property gallery
Explore the brand new property gallery

Elevate your real estate presentations with our galleries, your new go-to for creating interactive and captivating showcases.

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Gather your photos, videos, and virtual tours into one interactive gallery that entices visitors. Protect your content and gain valuable insights, transforming visitors into leads with the authentication power of our smart links.

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Property galleries are only available with these subscriptions.

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Creating an interactive property gallery

To create a gallery, go to the property folder you want to share and click on the 'Diffusion' tab.

Choose 'Create new gallery'.

You have different options:

1. Quick-create a new gallery

Allows visitors to access all content types in the property folder. Choose from:

a. Public: the gallery is visible to anyone with the link, no authentication required.

b. Gated: only authenticated visitors can view the gallery (they'll receive a confirmation code on their phone).

c. Unbranded: the gallery appears without any logos or contact information, MLS systems compatible (USA/Canada).


2. Create a gallery from scratch

Customize content types, visibility, and appearance settings. Create multiple galleries as needed.


Select the types of visuals to display in your gallery.


  • Decide who can see your gallery: everyone or authenticated visitors only.

  • Choose to allow continued browsing post-authentication.

  • Set an expiration date.


Personalise the look of your gallery with

  • your branding

  • your business card

  • a quick contact bar


Review your settings, name your gallery, and make any final adjustments. Save and copy the link to finish.

You can always modify your galleries from the list.

Sharing a gallery

Find it in the list and click 'Share'.

You can:

  • Get a link with your defined visibility settings.

  • Get an iframe code to embed the gallery on your website.

    <iframe src="100%" height="100%" src="" title="Décembre - Louise " allowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen />
  • Download a QR code for your gallery to include in your communication.

And that's it! Time to strategically share your properties with galleries! Start now and see the difference Nodalview can make in your listings!

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