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Create panoramas with Nodalview & Ricoh Theta
Create panoramas with Nodalview & Ricoh Theta

Seamlessly integrate your Ricoh's capabilities with our cutting-edge app for an elevated virtual tour experience.

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Why Use This Feature?

Capture panoramas effortlessly with your Ricoh, while leveraging Nodalview's advanced bracketing and image enhancement system. Once you've captured those stunning panoramas, they're automatically synced to your Nodalview platform. Here, you can refine and share high-quality virtual tours and guided virtual experiences with your clients. It's about making every shot count and every client interaction memorable!

Looking for video guidance? Check out our dynamic video tutorial.

Pair the Nodalview app to the Ricoh camera

1. Turn on the Ricoh

2. Setting up the Nodalview app

  1. Dive into the app settings at the top right of the main page of the Nodalview app.

  2. Activate the Ricoh Theta option at the bottom.

  3. Choose your bracketing mode. Our tip? Go for "Fast HDR" for speed and quality.

  4. Essential step: turn on your phone's WIFI!

3. Ready, set, shoot!

  1. Back to the app's main page, start by creating a new property.

  2. Give it a name, hit "ok" - let's skip the automatic assembly for now.

  3. Head over to the 360° tab and make your way to the capture screen.

4. Connect and Capture

  1. Hit Add Camera to connect to a recognized Ricoh.

  2. For new connections, enter the SSID and password found on your camera.

  3. Hit Connect and let the app sync with your Ricoh.

Now, you're all set to capture breathtaking panoramas!

Good to Know

While our image enhancement shines during rendering, remember that panoramas captured via a connected Ricoh might not match the quality of your smartphone's native camera. Also, the panorama quality varies with the Ricoh model – for instance, the Theta Z1 outshines the Theta V in image clarity.

Note: for this guide, we've used a Ricoh Theta V. Keep in mind that the pairing process and image quality might differ with other Ricoh models.

Start capturing panoramas with Ricoh Theta and Nodalview

1. Set your Ricoh on your tripod

Place it in the center of the room, and step out of the capture field (don't go too far though... 🙃 )

2. Click SHOOT

from the capture screen of the Nodalview application. As soon as the capture is done, the processing of your panorama starts.

3. Validate (save) the preview you get of your panorama

or discard it.

4. Name your panorama

Remember that 1 panorama = 1 room

5. Continue the capture

To return to the panoramas tab of the property and capture others, click on the cross at the bottom left of the screen.

Once you've finished, let them transfer, and once they are available on your webapp, you can put them together to build a virtual tour.


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