You are now the happy owner of the Nodalview motor. Next step : learn how to make the best of it!

⚠️ The motor must be fully charged (while on "Off") before first use! 

Install the motor

  1. Open the three petals of the motor, screw the motor on the tripod and then close the three petals to stabilize it

  2. Lock the red ring with your fingers and screw the nodal arm on the motor

  3. Turn on the motor by moving the switch from OFF to ON. LED lights will start blinking

Connect your smartphone to the motor

  1. Activate the Bluetooth function of your smartphone

  2. Launch the Nodalview app

  3. Change the shooting mode : click on the app Settings > Swipe down until Capture 360° > Click on shooting scenario > choose "Motorized"

⚠️ You do not need to manually establish the Bluetooth connexion or to enter a code! The Nodalview app automatically pairs with the motor! ⚠️

Start the shooting

  1. Once on your shooting screen, you will see that the motor and your smartphone are connecting. When the connexion has been established, the green message "CONNECTED" will appear

  2. You can now start the shooting by pressing the button "Shoot" on your screen

  3. After 8 rotations, the smartphone will emit a sound announcing the end of the shooting

To save your motor's battery, turn it off after each use.

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