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Find back and download your freshly captured HDR photos
Find back and download your freshly captured HDR photos

Observe the amazingly rendered HDRs, edit them if needed and download them to create your listing!

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Once your HDR photos have been correctly rendered, you'll be able to download them.

You can do so by:

  • downloading them on your smartphone from the app ( ⚠️ might require use of mobile data - not recommended)

You can also:

Download your photos on your PC

Log in to your web platform and click on the property that contains the HDR photos you wish to download.

You can:

  • Download a specific photo

  • Select multiple photos to download at once by ticking the corresponding box

  • Select all the photos in your property for a group download

Make sure nobody steals your hard work and boost your reputation by adding your custom watermark to your stunning HDR photos!

Edit your photos easily with the integrated photo editor tool

Feel like your photos need a quick edit? Like a crop or a format change? Here's how to do that with the photo editor!

  • Click on the Photo tab to enter the property

  • Click on the pencil on top of the photo that you would like to edit

  • Edit the photo with the integrated tools

  • Once edited, go back by clicking on the arrow on the bottom-left

  • Click on Export to create a new photo with the edits that you have just made!

Protect your photos by adding your logo

Make sure nobody steals your work and increase your brand notoriety by adding your logo as a watermark on your beautiful HDR photos! Here's how:

  • Click on the Download button on top of a photo

  • Click on Add logo

  • Select a logo or upload a new one

  • Click on Customise Logo

  • Choose the opacity, the size and the position of the logo on your photo

  • Download your HDR photo!

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