Take 360° panoramas

Aka, the immersive visuals you need for your virtual tours. In a blink of an eye.

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It's time to take your game to the next level: discover how to shoot amazing 360° panoramas.

1. The Nodalview kit

For panoramas, we highly recommend you equip yourself with our Pro Full Kit. It includes:

⚠️ Read this if you are using Nodalview on an iPhone 13/14/15 or a Samsung S20/S21/S22/S23/S24 (all models from these series). ⚠️

You do not need a case nor a 360° lens. Just go to the app settings and select Use the native wide angle lens under "Capture 360°". This will activate the capture of 360° with the native wide angle camera of your smartphone. Smart, right?

Here's a video to help you set up your equipment easily and correctly.

2. How to connect the motor

👉 First things first: charge the motor fully before the first use!

Make sure it is set on OFF. 👈

  • Activate the Bluetooth from the general settings of your smartphone.

    ⚠️ Only turn the Bluetooth on. Do not try to make any device pair. The app will automatically recognise the motor and connect to it.

  • In the app settings, select the shooting mode "With motor", under "Capture 360°".

3. Start the capture

  • Open your Nodalview app, log in if you need to and tap on Create a property (or tap on and enter an existing one).

    💡 Remember? A "property" is a folder containing all the media content related to one specific property (that can include photos, 360° panoramas, videos and floor plans). Makes sense, right?

Our tips for flawless panoramas:

  • Place your tripod at a height of about 1.20 meters. Not too high, not too low. Also depends on the height of the ceilings. Maybe

  • 1 panorama equals 1 room (e.g. living room or main bedroom). So, shoot 1 panorama per room, unless the room is very large, then you might need 2. Your common sense and practice will help you get it right.

  • Do not leave out hallways or stairs. You'll understand how useful they are when you will build the virtual tour - they help you connect the different panoramas and give your tour a more natural and logical sense.

  • Also shoot panoramas of the outside areas of your properties: terraces, gardens, patios, pools... They're often the most emotional elements!

  • Have to shoot a very small room (e.g. a french toilet)? Just take one step into the room, place the tripod and shoot.

  • Start shooting with the camera facing towards a nice view of the room – don’t start with the camera facing a door or a wall.

  • Click on Start capture. Allow Nodalview to use your smartphone's Bluetooth if asked.

  • The app will try to find and connect to the motor (Rotator) automatically. If it doesn't, make sure the motor is ON, and then tap on Connect.

  • 8 rotations will be executed. The motor will make the phone turn every 45° (8 x 45° = 360°! 🤓)

  • Enter a name for your panorama (= the name of the room). At this point, you will be able to see a preview. Tap on Create pano to validate and obtain the panorama in high resolution.

You will be redirected to the shooting screen. Keep shooting panoramas for the rest of the rooms in your property.

When your panoramas are finally transferred and rendered, they'll be available on your web platform!

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