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The golden rules to become a pro Nodalview user
The golden rules to become a pro Nodalview user

Follow our tips and get the most out of your Nodalview experience!

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Photo tips from our experts

  1. Before shooting any kind of content with the Nodalview app, make sure that both your phone's camera and your lenses are perfectly clean. If they're not, wipe them - it takes a second. Done? Double-check. Triple-check. You will thank us later 😉

  2. If and where possible, turn all lights off. Let the algorithm work on the exposure, the results will look more natural.

  3. Open the curtains, the shutters, the windows: let as much natural light as possible enter the room - the algorithm will work even better!

  4. Of course, choose the right time slot for your shooting accordingly. E.g.: noon ☀️

Feel like learning even more photo tips? 🤓

General tips that will make your experience smoother

  1. Give your device a nickname!

    You can do so from the general settings of the app. Why? It will be easier for everyone to recognise it (yourself, the admin of your organisation, our team) and treat any related issue.
    E.g.: David Smith's iPhone 14.

  2. DO NOT uninstall or delete the app from your phone

    (unless a member of our team have explicitly told you to do so)!.

    Picture this: your recently captured content does not synch. It seems impossible to upload the pictures you've just taken to the web platform and work with them. Frustrating, right? We know, but THERE'S ALWAYS A REASON, and - most importantly - a solution to retrieve them!

    If you uninstall the app, you will loose all the data on it, including those amazing pictures that hadn't made it to the web platform yet. Instead, please follow these steps or contact us on

  3. Synchronise all your content back in the mobile app anytime you change your device

    You have recently changed your phone or reinstalled the app and when logging in again into the app, your home screen is totally empty, as if all the properties you've created were gone. Don't panic! It's normal. Just go to the settings of the app, scroll down and tap on "Synchronisation". This action allows you to retrieve all the media hosted on your web platform.

    Note: this might take some time, according to the amount of content that you have created.

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