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Manage the connected devices in my organisation
Manage the connected devices in my organisation

How do I monitor my connected devices and edit their status?

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As the admin of your Nodalview account, you have access to the list of the users created in your organisation as well as the devices in use.

To which information do I have access?

  • Name of the device, chosen during the first login to the app. You can update it via the settings.

  • Email address, to identify the user connected with the device

  • Model of the device

  • Last time used: the date and time that the Nodalview app was last used on the device

  • Status: the actions that the device is allowed to perform.
    Let us explain 👇

Device statuses

  • Full access

The device is allowed to capture assets and to upload them to the web platform where you will enjoy the full Nodalview experience.

  • Read only

The device is only allowed to capture and showcase properties on the app (e.i. uf you use a tablet to show to owners the kind of service that you propose as a real estate professional). The captured images cannot be uploaded nor downloaded nor rendered in HD.

  • Blocked

The device will totally be blocked from performing any action with the Nodalview app on the device. To select in case your device is lost or stolen, or if your coworker do not work with you anymore.

  • Exceeding

This status is displayed when too many devices are connected on your organisation. The amount of devices / users included in your plan is displayed on top of the list of devices. This status allows to perform the same actions as the status "read only".

Change the status of a device

If you are using a new smartphone, or if a coworker quits your agency, you can edit the status of the devices on your organisation. How?

  1. Login to your web platform, click on Organisation and then on Devices.

  2. Find the device you wish to edit the status of, click on the three dots on the right and choose the status.

  3. This window will appear. If you have reached the maximum amount of devices in "full access" included in your plan, you can only select "read only" or "blocked".

  4. Save your choice and relaunch the Nodalview app on the device in order to make the change effective (do not uninstall the app or the content that hasn't been uploaded yet will be lost).

To how many devices with the "full access" status am I entitled to?

This information in displayed on top of the list of your devices. The amount of allowed devices equals the amount of devices that can have the "full access" status.


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