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Integrate a floor plan to your virtual tour
Integrate a floor plan to your virtual tour

How do I link the different panoramas of a virtual tour to specific areas of a floor plan?

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At Nodalview, we aim to offer you the most complete and inclusive tool that a realtor may ever dream of.

That's why we have now made it possible to scan and create floor plans of your properties directly from the Nodalview app!

And that's not it! Did you know that you can also link your floor plan to your virtual visit and offer an even more detailed, true-to-life experience to your customers?

This also works if you already have a floor plan created without Nodalview. You just have to upload it into your web platform, inside the property folder.

Let's begin!

1. Find or upload your floor plan in your property

If you have ordered the generation of a floor plan:

You will be notified via email when it's ready to use. You can find it back in the Floor plan tab of your property, on your web platform.

If you already have a floor plan:

You can upload it inside your property, go on your web platform, enter your property and click on the Floor plan tab.
Choose between the files on your PC and upload your floor plan. The following formats are accepted: png, jpg, jpeg.

2. Edit the hotspots on your floor plan

Once it's available or uploaded, click on the three dots top right of your floor plan and then on Edit hotspots. Click on a specific area of the floor plan - a drop down menu with the list of panoramas previously captured for that property will appear. Select the panorama that you want to link to that area.

3. View the floor plan and navigate through it on the final virtual tour!

When you share your virtual tour, here's how your floor plan will be viewed and how to navigate to different areas of your your virtual tour via the hotspots you have placed.

What are you waiting for? Your virtual tour is is ready to be shared online and help you generate contact requests!

Questions or remarks? Drop us a line!

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