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Create a floor plan from the Nodalview app
Create a floor plan from the Nodalview app

Brand new: create floor plans of your properties with Nodalview and offer an even more complete service to your customers!

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You aim to be the best real estate agent of your area - to do so, you know you have to boost the visibility of your online listings and offer a complete, stellar service to your customers.

Using 2D floor plans will help you achieve that! We are super excited for having introduced this brand new feature: scan the perimeter of your properties directly from the Nodalview app and make sure you have all it takes at hand reach for the generation of a floor plan when needed!

Let's dive in!

1. Learn by heart our best scanning practices

First things first, follow carefully our shooting tips in order to obtain flawlesss floor plans before starting the capture! Please do not disregard this step, it is fundamental.

2. Start the scan of your floor plan on the app

  • Open your Nodalview app, create a new property or enter an existing one.

  • Click on Start capture, and then on Floor plan

Follow the instructions on the screen:

  • turn your smartphone in landscape mode

  • click on Start scanning

Some tips might pop up on the screen:

  • make sure you point the camera 2,5m in front of you and keep at least 1,5m distance from any object.

  • when the capture is being made, you will see green lines appearing on the screen delineating objects, walls and floor.

  • When you get back to the area of the property where you started the capture, click on the red button to end it.

  • You can review the scan, name it and save it by clicking on Good, or discard it and start again.

Your scan is now saved. You can choose later whether or not to order and purchase the floor plan for the property you have just scanned.

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