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Log in to your Nodalview account
Log in to your Nodalview account

Discover our 2 environments: the mobile app and the web platform.

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You have just subscribed to Nodalview and you wonder where to start?

Wait no more - here's how to take the first steps of your journey to success.

1. Find your credentials

If you come from a free trial, your credentials are the email address and the password you choose when you signed up.

If you have not gone through a free trial, you should have received an email with your credentials. If you cannot find the email, please check in your spams.

Password forgotten?

We've got your back 😏

2. Download the app

App already downloaded? Go straight to point 3!

Or scan the QR codes below:

3. Log in to the mobile app

  • Open your Nodalview app on your smartphone


  • Click on "LOG IN"

  • Choose your notification preferences. We highly suggest you to allow notifications so that you know exactly when your content is ready and awaiting to be used for your online listings! 🚀

You're all set! Ready? 👇

4. Log in to the web platform

The Nodalview web platform is the area where all the content created with the mobile app is centralised. From there, you'll be able to edit it and ultimately share it (and way more, but let's talk about it at due time).

Here's the direct link to log in to your web platform:

Pro tips 💡

  • Use Google Chrome as a browser to enjoy the web platform at its best 😉

  • Bookmark the tab to access the web platform in the blink of an eye!

Waiting for the hardware to be delivered?
There's already a lot that you can do - save time and make sure you're ready when it comes!

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