Whether you're looking to shoot photos or panoramas, you will need some basic equipment:   

1. A tripod

Nodalview uses an advanced exposure correction technique called Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB), for which complete stability of the camera is essential.

2. A nodal arm

The nodal arm is a must-have to use the Nodalview solution. It will be used to hold your smartphone in place, both for photos and panoramas!

3. A smartphone case

We recommend the use of a dedicated Nodalview phone case to get the best quality. Unscrew the lens from the clip it came with and attach it directly to the case. Our cases guarantee a perfect alignment of the Nodalview lens with that of your smartphone. If we do not offer a case designed for your smartphone model, don't worry - you can attach the lens to your phone using the clip. Setting it up might be a bit more tedious but the results will nevertheless be high quality.  

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4. The Nodalview lenses 

Whether you want to shoot photos or panoramas, Nodalview provides you with the right lenses. Just make sure you use the appropriate one! To shoot photos you will use the Pro Photo Lens. If you're working on 360° panoramas, the Pro 360 (fisheye) Lens will be the one to use.

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5. The Nodalview's special motor (optional) 

If you shoot 360° panoramas and are looking to automatize your shooting, the Nodalview motor is the perfect tool. Connect it to your smartphone and let it do the work! 

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