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Why should I activate or archive a property?
Why should I activate or archive a property?

Keep a clean overview of your properties on your Nodalview platform!

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Fed up of having way too many pages of properties on your web platform? You can now archive properties that you have sold or rented, while still keeping the assets at easy reach and navigate easily through them!

Archive a sold or rented property

You have sold or rented your property and you don't need to use its assets anymore, at least for now. Archive it and only keep on your main overview the properties that are still available and that you still need to edit and/or share.

Click on the three dots on the top right of the property. Click on Archive, and then on Ok to confirm.

Archive a property from the 'grid' view

Archive a property from the 'list' view

The property is now moved to the Archived tab and it won't be possible to edit or share it, unless you reactivate it.

❗️ If you archive a property for which you have shared a virtual tour online, the link will be deactivated and people won't be able to view it anymore!

Reactivate an archived property

You need to edit the assets of an archived property and/or put it back online?
You can easily reactivate it by going to the Archived. It will be then moved back to your main overview (Active tab).

Reactivate a property from the grid view

Reactivate a property from the list view

The difference between deleting and archiving a property

  • If you archive a property, you can retrieve the captured assets it contains by reactivating it.

  • If you delete a property, you will lose all the content in it forever.

NB ⚠️

You can only archive or reactivate a property from the web platform.
You cannot perform these actions via the mobile app.

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