You have already discovered how to connect your Ricoh camera to Nodalview, now it's time to capture your first panoramas!

Little reminder...

  • Activate the Ricoh Theta option and the "Fast HDR" bracketing mode from the Nodalview app settings

  • Turn on the WIFI of your phone and your Ricoh Theta

What's next?

  1. Set your Ricoh on your tripod in the center of the room, and step out of the capture field (don't go too far though... 🙃 )

  2. Click SHOOT from the capture screen of the Nodalview application

  3. As soon as the capture is done, the processing of your panorama starts

  4. You get a preview of your panorama that you can validate (save) or abandon (discard)

  5. Do you validate it? Then name it (1 panorama = 1 room)

  6. Do you want to shoot other panoramas? Then, continue the capture. To return to the panoramas tab of the tour, click on the cross at the bottom left of the screen

  7. From your panoramas page, transfer the panoramas to your online space by clicking on the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen

  8. Your panoramas are now available on your Nodalview plaform where you can put them together to create a virtual tour, share them directly on Facebook or on your website.

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